"And put your fucking iPhones down for God’s fucking sake. Like, Jesus, that is causing terrible things for art because people aren’t becoming attached to experiences, they’re becoming attached to digital memories, imprinted on their phones, which is weakening the link, culturally, in your mind, to art. That’s crazy.
I was in Perth and I saw, it was amazing, as I went to start a song it was like a dance, everyone in unison, lifting up these weird digital squares and separating me from them. There’s already enough in between us, there’s a stage and a bunch of amplifications and that’s enough. That’s all I need to get my point across. Anything else is excess. You’re missing something if you’re putting in another barrier between the art and the audience. So, I just said, “put ‘em down guys, I’m right here. Let’s be. Let’s do this. Like, right now. You’re not even going to watch it anyway, you’re probably just going to show your mates and it’s going to sound shit, so… fuck, leave it.”

So much truth in this I can’t help but reblog

so perf

god I love matt corby


the beatles dude

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Can we just talk about how peaceful this infant looks? Damn, in my entire existence I’ve never slept nor took a nap as this.

"I just want somebody who will never stop choosing me."

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Gemma has Harry Styles as her brother and Ashton Irwin as her boyfriend. She totally wins at life.

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Emma Watson attends the Noah London Premiere (03/31/14)

Emma Watson - Late Show with David Letterman Arrivals - 25 March 2014